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Southern Comfort Multi-Gingham

$ 75.00

    • 100% Cotton
    • Button-down collar
    • Chest pocket
    • Embroidered hook on pocket hem
    • Signature Logo Buttons
    • Sleeve placket with two Buttons
    • One-Button Cuffs

    Plaid is one of the most versatile patterns that you can incorporate into an outfit. It’s fun, but it’s also extremely classy. This plaid shirt by Mojo Sportswear has all of the attributes of a high-quality button-down shirt, all while looking incredibly fashionable.

    Whether you choose to wear this shirt casually or plan on showing it off at the next big event that you have, you can count on the quality is incredible and the shirt is designed to make movement easy and the overall wear, comfortable.

    Find your size in this plaid dress shirt and place your order with Mojo Sportswear today so that you can get your Mojo on!

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