Pro-Staff Application

Thank you for your interest in being one of Mojo Sportswear Company's Pro-Staff.  We are looking for a few Anglers to be Ambassadors of Mojo Sportswear Company's performance fishing apparel and other gear. 



- Friendly & Professional Attitude

- Knowledge, understanding, respect, and enjoyment of the fishing, sportfishing, and outdoor industry 

- Easy to get a hold of & communicate with ease

- CONSISTENT social media posts to multiple outlets

- Quality, original photos taken in Mojo Sportswear gear. (If any specifics about photos are needed email


Point System:

We have many Pro-Staff members that post many photos and videos to social media every day. To effectively and accurately keep track of every staff member, we have adopted a point system so that we can see how your posts are coming and just how active you are. We are able to see how much you contribute to us based on the number of posts you make as well as a number of likes, shares, and comments you receive on the posts. As a company that wants to prosper and becomes one of the top performance fishing apparel businesses, we must ensure that we are getting the exposure we need after giving the staff member their shipment of gear.


Here is how you are scored:

Facebook: 5 points for every post, 1 point for every like, 3 points for every comment, and 5 points for each share.

Twitter: 3 points for every tweet, 5 points for every re-tweet, and 3 points for every like.

Instagram: 5 points for every post, and 1 point for every like.

Youtube: 20 points for every post, and 5 points for every like.


To be considered for this program, click the link below to tell us more about you and your love for the sport!

Pro Staff Application