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Performance Shirts to Keep You Protected

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The sun is such a regular part of our days, that we very hardly realize how powerful and capable of damage it is. This powerhouse is one that can cause cancer, serious burns, blindness, freckles, wrinkles, dehydration and, in some of the most extreme cases, death.

When you’re out on the water enjoying a great day of fishing, as well as any other time that you’re outdoors, you are exposing yourself to the harmful rays of the sun. Plenty of people will tell you to avoid the sun at all costs possible, and of course, there is such a thing as managing the time that you spend outdoors. However, Mojo Sportswear doesn’t believe that time to enjoy the activities that you love should be limited because of the sun.

What we do believe in are preparation and education. These two things are something that we have taken seriously in regards to protection from the sun, and that’s where our one-of-a-kind, high-quality fishing shirts are derived from; the desire to provide protection to those that want to avoid damage from the sun, while still enjoying their favorite pastimes.

What Our Shirts Are Made Of

There are so many different ways that you can protect yourself from the sun, and while we could go on and on about how you should rely on sunscreen to protect you from the sun, we have a better idea. Sunscreen is incredibly oily, it’s easy to forget and it’s a product that you need to continue to apply as the day goes on.

Rather than rely on other products to provide you with protection, we have designed a high-quality, stylish shirt that is easy to wear on a day to basis and is made from materials that in turn, protect you from the sun. Today we’re going to break down some of the main ingredients that you’ll find in a majority of our shirts all so that you can have a better understanding of what makes our shirts different from any other performance fishing shirt. 

Technical Poly Microfiber

Microfibers is a material that you’ve probably heard of by now, maybe you even own a few items that are made from a poly microfiber material. What makes this material so incredible is that it is made from fibers that are smaller than a single hair, but can provide more to you than a standard thread of fabric ever could. Because of how thin and durable these

One of the incredible designs that we offer made from 100% Technical Poly Microfiber is our Icon Flag Vented Wireman Performance Fishing Shirt. This shirt looks great, it feels great, and it offers UPF 50+, making it one of our most popular products in the store!


If you’re used to spending time fishing, then you know that this isn’t usually something that you just do for a couple of minutes. No, this is something that you will usually make a day out of, which means that you need to find a way to prioritize both your comfort and the protection that you’re getting from the sun. ComfortWeave is the way that we’ve been able to provide it.

This fabric is not only softer than any other comparable fabric, but it is also the way that our shirts provide such high UPF ratings. ComfortWeave is hypoallergenic, extremely stretchy so that it molds to your body, incomparably soft and it provides antimicrobial protection. Each of these components makes it easy for you to stay comfortable throughout the day, but that isn’t the part that we love.

The way that this fabric is manufactured, the weaving of the material provides an incredibly high rating of UPF protection. Because of this fabric, these shirts can provide UPF 50 to your body while you’re out fishing, which amounts to 98% of harmful rays from the sun.

One of our favorite shirts, in fact, one of our favorite collections made from ComfortWeave, is the Finny collection. Inspired by fish that we love catching, this comfortable and incredible fabric has made a line of shirts that are great to wear regardless of what you’re doing. Check out the Finny Tuna performance fishing shirt that we have made from ComfortWeave fabric!

At the end of the day, our shirts are designed to provide to you what other products cant. These shirts are breathe-easy, comfortable, durable, unique and they protect you. You really couldn’t get more out of a shirt, we tried.

If you’re someone that spends time out on the water, or you know someone that thoroughly enjoys spending time outdoors, then this is a piece of clothing that needs to be added to their closet. Not only will this be something that they’re going to appreciate because of the style and comfort factors of the shirt, but you will be providing them with additional levels of protection from the sun that they wouldn’t otherwise have. Shop our selection of fly fishing apparel, saltwater fishing gear, and the many performance shirts that we carry, online today!

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