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Get Your Mojo On In The Sun!

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If you’re anything like me then you see the outdoors as a place of endless enjoyment and opportunity. Do you remember the age old saying of “Nothing is free”? Well in a way that saying holds true to the outdoors as well.

When we are outside, we are exposed to sun’s rays. Whether it is sunny and 75 or an overcast day as far as the eye can see, the sun’s rays still manage to reach us. Let’s talk about the results of this as an angler.

After a few days of doing what we do best on the water, we find ourselves in one of two situations. Situation one is as simple as it is painful. You decided to take the boat out for the day after a long, tough work week and hitting the gym every evening. Finally, you have a chance to show off those muscles you’ve been working on for months. The plan is to put the boat in the water and take your shirt off for the world to get a free ticket to your personal “gun show”. The day goes on and finally comes to a close; so now that the daylight is gone, I guess it’s time to put the shirt back on and go scarf down 10 pounds of protein bars, right? Oh wait… you’re having trouble putting your shirt on. No way… that’s impossible that Muscle Bob Buff Pants is having trouble putting his shirt on from a sunburn that has him as red as a fresh-cooked lobster. The pain is excruciating and you’re about to go buy a five-gallon bucket of Aloe Vera gel.

Now let’s take a journey through situation two and see if we can end up with a more enjoyable ending to the day. Whether in your imagination you are the guy busting the seams of his shirt from so much muscle mass, one of the lady anglers of the fishing industry, or just the average Joe, we can all relate to the story and this unforgettable feeling of a fresh sunburn.

In this situation, the beginning can be the same, but the precautions taken in the situation are different. We do need a name for this gentleman though. For some reason I like the name Ryan. Sound good? Great. I knew you would like it. Where were we? Oh yeah, so Ryan went out on the boat decked out in a Mojo Sportswear Performance Fishing Shirt with built in sun protection of UPF 50+, a good pair of protective shorts or pants (Recommendation: Mojo Sportswear Still Water Fishing Short), a comfortable hat (Recommendation: Mojo Sportswear Finny Bass Hat), and a pair of quality sunglasses such as any models offered from Nines Optics which offer nine different layers of protection.

The point is that you want to stay protected from the sun to enjoy the outdoors without having to make the dermatologist your second home. Skin cancer is a very serious matter and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Anywhere that you aren’t covered needs to have a generous coating of sunscreen. I know, I know, sometimes it seems like such a burden and a time waster, but it’s all worth it to stay healthy.

To hammer home a few key points; make regular appointments with a dermatologist, use sunscreen and wear quality apparel such as Mojo Sportswear to stay cool and protected on the water! In the meantime, look me up on social media to stay connected, and if you enjoy watching fishing videos please visit my YouTube channel ‘Ryan Kennedy Fishing’.

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