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Saltwater Fishing Apparel

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There are certain qualities that are important in good saltwater fishing apparel. For starters, it can be assumed that you’re going to be doing something athletic, or at least moving around a boat for hours at a time, so comfort is a nice bonus. Second, saltwater fishing apparel is for people who plan to be out in the elements, so the clothing must be able to handle the relentless sun and sharp winds of the sea. This includes keeping you cool or warm as the situation demands. Finally, any activities involving the sea have an element of risk involved, and for that reason, saltwater apparel has to be strong, built from materials that are flexible and tough. As each of these qualities are further explored, examples of high-quality saltwater fishing apparel will be used to highlight why they’re ideal for your next saltwater excursion.

Saltwater Fishing Apparel Must be Comfortable

Charter fishing trips are often booked by half-day intervals, so it’s reasonable to expect to be out on the pier or boat for four or more hours. When you’re appreciating nature and getting some bites, that time will fly by, but only if you’re in clothes that are going to stay fresh for the long haul. For example, if you’re wearing a shirt that sweats easily, it could make the difference between being drenched the entire trip, or cool and dry, just by choosing the best performance fishing shirt. Ultimately, materials like Technical Poly Microfiber ensure that you’ll stay dry and comfortable no matter how long the adventure lasts.

Saltwater Fishing Apparel Should be Weather Resistant

While you may not be trudging through snow, knowing the weather is paramount to safety on your saltwater fishing trip. Dressing too light or too heavy can impact your health and ability to manage either the scorching heat or the bitterly cold winds. While dressing with the elements in mind may not be huge on your priority list, it becomes important in areas where hypothermia or heat exhaustion are reasonable threats. With a good foul weather jacket, you don’t have to let chaotic weather ruin your odds of a successful trip.

Saltwater Fishing Apparel Needs to be Durable and Flexible

From former sailors to experienced fishermen, anyone who has spent time at sea can attest to its unpredictability. An area might be normal 99% of the time, but it only takes a few seconds for a relaxing fishing trip to become an urgent mission to get water out of the boat because waves are coming over the side. This is but one of many reasons that your saltwater fishing apparel should allow you to be prepared for action if necessary. It’s important to know that you may be required to swim, pick up objects, or move quickly, so it’s wise to avoid ill-fitting or restrictive clothes on a fishing trip. Board and cargo shorts are a favorite of many boaters and anglers, primarily because of their lighter and less restrictive nature.

Don’t Forget Visors and Faceguards

Whether you’re leaving the pier or not, winds can be brutal when fishing in the ocean. This is especially true if you’re on a boat at sea, or if weather is turbulent. Luckily, you can withstand even the harshest winds with faceguards, visors, hats and shades. Mojo happens to have stylish variations, but you’ll really appreciate having the faceguard and visor when winds pick up on your next saltwater fishing trip. Great success begins with thorough and proper preparation, so best of luck catching some keepers on your next saltwater fishing trip.  

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