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Different Types of Performance Fishing Shirts

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Odds are pretty good that most anglers will have a combination of these shirts in their closet, but will gravitate towards one over the others. Although fundamentally they’re just different patterns of fabric, each of these styles of common shirts says a lot about the men who wear them. From the college-like allure of the Polo shirt, to the rugged t-shirt, each of these distinct styles sends a different message about who you are and where you’re going.

Performance Polos


Rene Lacoste sought to design a more comfortable shirt for tennis players, and when he debuted it in 1926, the polo shirt was born. Getting its name from popularity in the polo community, the distinct collar of the polo shirt was initially intended to protect the wearer from the sun. Today, the polo shirt is more popular than ever, considered a staple among the college students, preppy kids, and anyone who likes a loose collar. Clearly the most professional looking option, polo shirts are often used as uniforms for schools and some professions. 







Fishing T-shirts

Much like aviator sunglasses, the origin of t-shirts lies with the American Military, as they were standard issue for sailors in the early 1900’s. The rugged nature that made the t-shirt popular as it was first adopted by colleges is the same implication that it has today. T-shirts are known for being suitable for tough work, but they’ve also become the epitome of casual apparel. When simplicity and comfort are the priority, you can’t go wrong with a good ol’ t-shirt.




Long Sleeve Vented Fishing Shirts 

Sports and fitness apparel are massive industries, and new innovations are constantly being sought to improve comfort and performance. Recent years have seen the development of vented fabrics, such as technical poly microfiber, that can help you stay cool so that you sweat less. These vented shirts feel lighter than their cotton counterparts, and are optimal all-purpose attire for when your plans involve being out in the sun. It’s an easy assumption that the people wearing these types of shirts are in the midst of an outdoor adventure or some athletic event, since they’re clearly designed to keep you dry while active.




Button Down Fishing Shirts 

For more warmth than other options, the heavier material of a woven button down shirt is ideal. It makes sense that this type of shirt would be popular with fishermen and outdoorsman, because a weightier material like flannel provides added protection against cold winds and harsh elements. If extra heat and padding are important, then a button down flannel shirt is the ideal choice. But when you wear one, don’t be surprised if people assume you know a thing or two about fishing and hunting, because flannel shirts have become associated with the outdoor lifestyle.


Distinctly Different Fishing Shirts 

Each of the popular shirt styles is a tried and true option that has evolved with American culture over the decades. Nevertheless, the person in a polo shirt conveys different things than the same guy in a basic t-shirt, and understanding these differences will help you to dress appropriately for every occasion. There are times when showing up in a t-shirt will show that you’re secure and down to Earth, and others when a button down or polo are more appropriate. A stylish man has some of each, and understands how to be comfortable and fashionable in a variety of situations. Whether on a date, a fishing trip, or an adventurous camping trip, there is much truth to the phrase, “dress for success”.

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