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Everything You Need to Know About Fishing for Marlins

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While there are hundreds of species of fish that only experienced fishermen can tell apart, there are no other fish quite like the Marlin. Alpha-predators of the sea, the long speared nose and giant sail of the Marlin make it one of the most distinct looking fish known to man. These little-known facts will give you some idea about one of the world’s most effective underwater predators, the Marlin.

Only Humans and Sharks Can Hunt Marlin

Marlins are hunted only by the most clever and vicious species. Sharks and humans are the only living things able to hunt a Marlin. See the shocking footage below as a mako shark stole a Marlin right out from underneath a couple of Australian anglers. 


Named After a Sailor’s Marlinspike

In the Navy, several tools have animal-inspired names, but in the case of the marlinspike, it’s actually the fish that’s named after the tool. The steel spike with a line weaved through it is used by sailors for various purposes, and the name comes from the process of “marling”, which involves the combining of various rope sizes.

Four Different Species of Marlin

The Blue Marlin are most famous and reach the largest sizes, but the other three species of marlin are also of interest to anglers. White, striped, and Black Marlin are each unique in their own way, and will all put up a fight if you get them on the line. While the White Marlin are notably smaller, the Black Marlin are comparable in size to the blue. Also notable is that female Marlin grow significantly larger than their male counterparts.

Marlins Have an Unofficial Species: The Hatchet Marlin

A debate in fishing and scientific communities has taken place over whether the notorious Hatchet Marlin, a version of the white marlin with a rounded dorsal fin, should be its own distinct species. The result is that the “round-scaled spearfish” as it’s become known, is now often allowed in Marlin fishing tournaments. 

Catching a Marlin

One does not casually pursue marlin. If you’re venturing into the parts of the ocean where marlin are known to exist, be prepared for what may be the fight of your life. With the largest recorded blue marlin weighing in at over 1400 pounds, and black marlin at over 1,000, fishing for marlin is for serious anglers with serious gear. Be prepared for the fight with the right fishing apparel that are engineered to keep you dry and cool, because if you’re after Marlin, it’s not an average trip, but a hunt for one of the ocean’s most unique and powerful predators.

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