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European Fishing Destinations

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Europe is the birthplace of Western Civilization and home to some of the greatest coastal cities in the world. This means phenomenal fishing, as numerous world records are held off the Canary Islands in Spain, and fishing for salmon in the Dee River near Aberdeen, Scotland is sure to be an unforgettable experience. With numerous online vacation packages and websites available, it’s easier than ever to plan out the fishing trip of a lifetime.

Canary Islands, Spain

The Canary Islands are an archipelago consisting of seven major islands and numerous other inlets just South of Morocco. Each of the islands has its own reasons to visit, and ferries commonly run between them for a reasonable fee. Similar to other archipelagos like Japan, fishing is extremely popular here, and over 50 world record catches are currently held in the Canary Islands. Marlin, barracuda, and shark are among the numerous types of fish found among the Canary Islands, and they’re known to reach sizes that haven’t been seen anywhere else in the world.

Fly Fishing in the Soca Valley of Slovenia

A relatively young country that was formerly home to the Roman Empire, Slovenia is an outdoorsman’s paradise. Extremely mountainous and biologically diverse, Slovenia is among the most water-rich countries in the European Union. This combination of dense nature and plentiful water makes this one of the hidden gems for fishing in Europe. The rivers in Slovenia are home to large amounts of trout, including marble, brown, and rainbow varieties. The area is mountainous and scenic, and the temperature around September is a comfortable 60-70 Fahrenheit, so you may want to dress light.

Salmon Fishing in the River Dee in Scotland

One of four Scottish rivers known for the best salmon fishing in the world, The Dee River recorded 5,000 salmon caught in a recent season. Located in the coastal city of Aberdeen, the fact that numerous local rivers offer world-class fishing is no secret. To reserve your spot at one of the many resorts in the Aberdeen area, check out the dozens of options available. Temperatures can get pretty cool in Aberdeen, so you may want to bring foul weather gear to ensure that you’re able to brave the Scottish countryside.

Fishing for Wels Catfish in Florence, Italy

The largest city in the Tuscany region of Italy, Florence offers fishing on the Arno River. Whatever your success rate is at catching carp and catfish that populate the Arno River, the backdrop of the Italian countryside will be unforgettable. A trip to Florence could double as an epic family vacation, because it’s also famous for amazing historical sites including castles, and for being one of the top tourism and fashion destinations in Europe.

Planning an Easy European Fishing Vacation

If the prospect of a fishing vacation to Europe seems far-fetched, there are numerous resources that strive to get the best rates for popular European destinations. Websites like or offer useful advice that can help minimize time and stress on your trip. Whether you travel to a country you’ve always wanted to visit or go purely for the thrill of the World Class fishing, a fishing vacation to Europe will be an experience you won’t soon forget.


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