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Fishermen in the News: Summer 2015

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Although many consider fishing a hobby for men who are laid back and like to unplug, the fact is, fisherman are more inclined to get into adventurous situations and take action. Whether it’s the one guy on a crowded pier who decided to hook a drone out of the air, or a fisherman in a viral video who is the hero of the day for rescuing kittens, these recent examples show that anglers are no strangers to the headlines.

Fisherman Hooks a Drone 

When Tice Ledbetter decided to take his drone out for a spin above the scenic coastline of Pacific Beach, California, he must’ve suspected it would arouse curiosity, but no one predicted this. Upon seeing the drone, one of the fishermen, seen in the video in a blue shirt, immediately started reeling in his line. He then proceeded to execute a perfect cast, hooking the drone in mid-air, thereby forcing it to do an emergency landing. As one might imagine, drones are expensive and the owner was understandably annoyed, but even he had to give credit where credit is due. In the comments he placed in the video footage, Ledbetter remarked “What a jerk! Gotta admit though, that cast was spot on!” 

Reeling in Kittens in Alabama

This story involves a manly activity and a rugged place, but an adorable outcome. Brandon Key and Jason Frost were on their small fishing boat when they noticed a small animal swimming towards them from the shore. It turned out to be a white and yellow striped kitten, and after they pulled it on board, its sibling was just behind it, making a swim that would seem daunting for most humans, let alone any feline. The video featuring the kittens of Black Warrior River, Alabama has gone viral, garnering over 1.2 million views.

Kayakers vs. Hammerhead Shark

In a stunning video that even a casual shark fan would appreciate, two kayak fisherman got footage of a large, hammerhead shark that was clearly circling them, which is known to be their reaction to prey before eating it. Luckily for the fishermen, the shark eventually quit circling their kayaks and began following a local kayak tour. The footage dominated various news outlets, and was especially alarming because of recent Great White sightings in that same area.

Share Your Adventures

Whether it’s a display of mischievousness, like with the angler who challenged himself to hook the flying drone in Pacific Beach, or the compassion to notice and save a couple of swimming kittens, you never know when an odd situation will require you to make some quick decisions while fishing. While 99% of your fishing trips might be business as usual, these stories show that the most unpredictable events can shake things up at any time.

With the technology available in 2015, smart and savvy anglers can record their adventures and share them with millions of curious admirers throughout the world. When that unusual situation happens on your next fishing trip, you’ll want to be prepared for anything and looking good for the camera. Stay cool, dry, and looking good on your fishing adventures with Mojo Gear.

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