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What You Need for the Perfect Fishing Trip

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Like any activity involving people, fish, and Mother Nature, fishing trips involve some factors that are beyond our control. The fish might bite, or they might not. The weather might cooperate, or it might storm as soon as you get to your spot. However, there are major aspects that can be prepared for, and by optimizing each of these fundamental parts of a great fishing trip, we can ensure that short of a natural disaster, it’s guaranteed to be an excellent day.

Start with a Solid Plan

While there’s nothing wrong with an impromptu fishing trip, a little bit of planning can make any great thing better. The seemingly small things like gas for your boat, checking the weather report, and packing appropriate gear can mean the difference between an average fishing trip and an unforgettable one. Perhaps you want to add a challenging hike into your trip, or try out a new location you’ve never been to. If you want to make a lot of your research quicker and easier, try it on one of the popular free fishing apps that are currently available, including Fishidy and iFish USA.

Bring Superior Stuff

To many outdoorsmen, fishing is about getting away from excessive materialism and back to nature. However, a lot of anglers would prefer a cooler full of beer and sandwiches on their fishing trip, and they’re not alone. There’s a whole market for fishing products that are designed to make your hours spent in the wild more comfortable, and these include visors, chairs, and coolers. Whether your preference is minimalist or all-in when it comes to gear, taking the extra time to decide what you’re going to want and making sure to acquire it can add a lot of fun to your fishing excursion.

Prepare for the Long-haul

Perhaps the great inventor and American forefather, Benjamin Franklin, put it best when he stated “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” In all great accomplishments, preparation is key, and organizing a successful fishing trip is no exception. This mostly includes all of the little things, like making sure you don’t run out of hooks and bait midway through your trip. Another element of preparation is dressing to handle the elements, and wearing clothes that will keep you cool, dry, and comfortable while catching fish for hours at a time. Being overdressed on a hot day or vice versa can put a strain on your trip, so in this as in all endeavors, preparation is key.

Bring Good People

Only you know who makes the best fishing partners in your life and it will vary for everyone. Whether it’s your eldest son, whole family, or a couple of friends, having the right people there to share the experience with can make all the difference. There are also practical reasons for bringing the right people as well, like limiting the amount of noise in a small fishing area. Whatever your social preference, having the right people by your side can turn a mediocre fishing experience into a phenomenal one.

Ensure a Great Trip

By planning out the trip, bringing the stuff everyone wants, arriving fully prepared, and inviting your favorite people, you maximize the chances of having the greatest possible fishing trip. Even unpredictable elements like weather can be avoided by checking an app like FindMeFish and being equipped with Mojo's best foul weather gear. Ultimately, making your own luck through planning and preparation is the optimal way to ensure the best fishing trip ever.

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