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Five Reasons to Take Someone Fishing This Year

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For anyone who remembers life before the Internet, it’s easy to see how much our lives have become dependent on technology. It’s becoming increasingly rare that we get to unplug and escape the latest Facebook posts or emails that demand even more of our valuable time. Luckily, fishing offers us a break from the chaos of daily life. Here are five other good reasons to introduce someone to fishing in 2015.

Fishing is a Low-impact Activity with Health Benefits

From the hike to your boat or fishing hole, to hours of standing, bending, and casting, fishing is an activity that keeps you moving without stress on your joints. According to, a 170 lbs. man or woman burns around 200 calories per hour of fishing, and if you add a challenging hike into the trip, it can burn even more. To ensure that you last a few hours in the brutal heat, stay cool with moisture-wicking clothing made from state-of-the-art material that keeps you dry.

A Great Way to Learn About Nature

Almost all of the aspects of a fishing trip contain lessons about life and nature. Patience is a huge virtue in fishing, but so is focus and attention to detail. Simply hanging out in the outdoor environment will grant a lot of opportunities for learning about the bugs, plants, and objects found in nature, not to mention strategies for catching fish. Most kids might cringe when they first see you bait a hook, but once you’ve caught a fish, they have a full-circle understanding of a primal event that they cannot experience elsewhere.

Survival Skills

Of all of the recreational activities we could teach someone, fishing is one that has practical value. At worst, it’s still an afternoon in the outdoors, but if the guest is truly engaged, it can be a learning experience that will enable them to catch free food and survive in the outdoors. If you end up having a conversation about survival, the differences between the UV rays that cause irreparable sun damage can also be a quick but valuable lesson.

Fishing is a Good Way to Disconnect

According to an infographic from, American’s spend an average of 66 hours per month on a computer, not including work hours. The prospect of finding ways to get out and unplug from the chaos of technology is increasingly rare and valuable in 2015. Fishing is ideal for disconnecting, finding a spot in nature, and leaving everything else behind. For any young guests, ensuring that they have high-quality fishing apparel might motivate them to put down the X-Box controllers and go fishing more often, while keeping them dry and protected from harmful UV rays.

Fishing can be Social or Solo

While many activities are distinctly social or individual, fishing can be whichever one you want with equal convenience and enjoyment. For instance, perhaps you have a son or daughter who is old enough to go out on a fishing trip with you and your buddies. The experience they get from hanging out with friendly, responsible adults can become a positive memory that lasts a lifetime. If you’d rather minimize the socializing and talking on a fishing trip, it’s just as easy to get up early, hike to a location, and appreciate the outdoors with someone without making small talk.

Go Fishing This Year

Whether you see potential in a young niece or nephew who might be ready for their first fishing trip, or find out that some of your friends haven’t gone in years, there is no better time to plan a trip, escape reality, and invite someone out for a day of fishing. In this age of mile-per-minute stimulus and 24/7 accessibility, that fishing trip will probably be the most peaceful time you have all week. Get out there and get your mojo on with Mojo Gear

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