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Best Fishing Apps for Every Angler

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New technology in fishing is no longer limited to rods and reels. Fishing apps now exist that take advantage of GPS, help you find ideal fishing spots, give detailed weather reports, and more, all from your own smart phone. Here are some of the greatest apps that are available for fishermen.

iFish USA

Designed to be an all-encompassing fishing app, iFish USA includes details on over 122,000 lakes, and lets you mark significant locations and access the nearest fishing spots by proximity. Additionally, iFish USA offers an innovative Catch Log, where you can record your catches with the use of photos and voice entries. Yet another benefit of iFish USA is it’s a portable fishing encyclopedia with tips on fishing and details on numerous species of fish. The app is currently available for $6.51 at the Apple or Google Store.


For an app that was created to be your digital fishing guide, FindMeFish provides detailed fishing reports on where fish are biting. This is useful because you could be on a huge lake, and the info you get from FindMeFish will narrow your search down to exact GPS coordinates where fish have recently been. A cool bonus feature of FindMeFish is that you can write and sell your fishing tips to other anglers, making this app a must for anyone who loves to fish.


While many apps offer maps, Fishidy has fully interactive maps that provide depth contour lines, areas to avoid, and popular hot spots. There is also a social aspect to Fishidy, and that is that you can mark catches on the map from you and your buddies, and associate each location with a picture of the corresponding fish. Ideal for any fishermen that want to track and share their catches, the basic version of Fishidy is free, with the premium version available for only 99 cents.    

Animated Fishing Knots

It’s crucial that anglers know a few key knots, like the Spider’s Hitch for creating a loop at the end of your line, or the Palomar Knot which is so easy that it’s perfect for night fishing. The Animated Fishing Knots App costs only 99 cents, and shows animated videos of how to tie 21 different knots that are useful for fishermen. If you’re one of those people who refuses to pay for apps, then there is a free app called Fishing Knots Lite that also contains instructions on common knots.

Dress for Fishing Success

With apps that now provide satellite data to aid your fishing experience, it’s clear that all aspects of sport fishing are evolving. This is true for performance fishing apparel as well. Standing out in the sun for long periods of time can cause anglers to get sweaty, uncomfortable, and even burnt, so top of the line clothes that are designed to stay dry are available at affordable prices. Some of them even offer USP 50 sun protection. And there are few things as regrettable as dropping your smart phone in the lake, so high-quality board shorts with some deep pockets will help prevent that. Even hats and visors can work wonders for keeping the sun from interfering with your fishing experience, and can prevent a glare when trying to use your fishing apps. Ultimately, catching trophy fish and having a blast are the main goals when you're out on the water. So get your Mojo Gear and hit the water today!

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