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Stick to the shore: Five ways shore fishing is more fun

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No one can argue the fact that boats are cool and can be an excellent tool for fishing. In fact, entire blogs have been written on the subject. That said, when compared to the experience of shore fishing, boats can be constricting, expensive, time consuming, and just not as much fun as fishing from the shore. Here are five reasons why the most fun and memorable fishing trips are more likely to happen on the shoreline.

Land Activities

Maybe at the two-hour mark into your trip, everyone feels like stretching their limbs a bit for a quick hike, a round of hacky sack, tag football, Ultimate Frisbee or whatever your outdoor exercise of choice is. Unless your fishing boat is a Carnival Cruise liner, then these and other land activities are not possible. The ability to run around and take sports breaks is a solid advantage of shore fishing.

Independence and Stealth of Anglers

Depending on the pier, park, or lake, you and your buddies have the option of dropping line hundreds of feet apart, rapidly covering a wide area to find where the fish are biting. The alternative is to instead share the same 10-50 foot radius like you would have to on a boat. Your boat could be twenty feet away from where fish are biting and you may never know it, whereas you can easily walk to a different spot and cast where the action is if you’re in a large shore area. Not to mention, independent shore fisherman have the advantage of stealth, because even a person stomping in a boat has been proven to scare fish away.

Come and Go As You Please

If you’re shore fishing and one guy forgot the worms or has to go pick up his kid, one adult can leave and handle everything without disrupting the crew, and any late friends can come and go as they please. That includes those times when you didn’t bring nearly enough food or beer, or the times when one member of your group is notoriously late. To minimize waiting, leaving, and to give everyone maximum freedom, shore fishing is the way to go.

Major Difference in Cost

It’s pretty much guaranteed that the decision to stick to the shore will leave you with a fatter wallet. For boat owners, the primary expense is gas for both the boat and tow vehicle, which can be quite a bit depending on the length of the trip. Assuming all goes well with the boat, that extra expense for gas might be the only expense, but if it doesn’t, then boat maintenance can easily cost thousands. Clearly, staying on the shore will leave you with extra cash for high-quality food, drinks, and performance fishing apparel to improve your angler skills.

Meet Other People

This one will be polarizing, since many fishermen will prefer to keep to themselves or their own group. However, for those who are social and eager to learn, shore fishing can provide an excellent opportunity to befriend other fisherman and people nearby. If you’re at a new spot, then talking to locals can be the best way to find out about the insider tips or cool places in the area.

Each Offers a Unique Experience

A true angler isn’t going to turn down any type of fishing, but it can’t be denied that shore fishing and boat fishing each have their unique advantages. As for shore fishing, it’s more flexible, less expensive, and less limiting than fishing in a boat. Conversely, boats have the advantage of accessing the deepest parts of the sea and the biggest fish. Ultimately, each style has a lot of advantages to appreciate, so best of luck casting your line regardless of where you’re standing. Also, don’t forget to stock up on your performance fishing apparel from Mojo before you hit the water. Both offshore and shore anglers need high quality fishing gear to protect them from the sun and to help reel in those trophy fish. Shop Mojo Gear today!

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