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Avoid the Burn: Ways to protect yourself from the sun

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No matter your favorite outdoor activity, the sun is constantly there, providing heat, golden suntans, and Vitamin D, but also, skin damage and other possible health complications. Ralph Waldo Emerson’s quote, “Moderation in all things” applies to just about everything, but especially sun exposure.

We’ve all felt the sting of a brutal sunburn as the shower water hits our bright red shoulders, or woken up itching our peeling skin after a fishing trip during which we forgot to pack the sunscreen. Luckily, there are simple tips to prevent sun damage, and we have a few of them here.

Bring the Spray 

The lotion form of sunscreen has never been very popular with many anglers. From the smell, the texture, and fact that it never seems to rub all the way in has made it somewhat of any inconvenient product to use, even though it is UV resistant. Spray on sunscreen is equally as effective as the lotion, and either option can be stored in a compact place, be it a tackle box, backpack, or a small compartment on your boat. Many of the pro anglers on our staff prefer a spray on sunscreen do to the convenience of just being able to spray-and-go. They have one focus in mind, get out on the water and stay out as long as possible— that means there is no waiting period and having to rub sunscreen all the way in, or have to worry about sweating it off. They just want to get out there and do what they do best; catch the biggest gamefish they can.

Pack the Good Shades

In addition to advantages like enhanced visibility in bright sun, sunglasses also offer protection for your eyes from harmful UV rays. Additionally, they prevent you from having to squint against the bright sunlight, which is uncomfortable and decreases your visibility. Frequent squinting can create wrinkles in your face and eyes, so keeping some glasses around that fit your style, and are UV protectant, is a wise move.

Wear UPF Protective Clothing

Using the latest in material technology, Mojo clothing uses a fabric that offers protection from the sun. This sun resistant clothing will not only keep you cool, but comes in various styles, so whether you want a long sleeve sea camo shirt that offers a UPF of 50, or a Mr. Big Long Sleeve Performance Vented shirt with UPF 30, you can gain extra protection from the sun while looking stylish.

Dress Like the Pros

Every pro angler knows that there have been, or will be, days spent out on the water that seem to be endless. Your adrenaline is pumping from reeling in that day’s largest catch, and you’re just yearning for the next fight. On days like this, the last thing you want to be looking for is your sunscreen and trying to remember to reapply every few hours. The best protectant from sun exposure is your apparel. At Mojo Gear, we have performance fishing apparel that will keep you safe and cool against the sun. Not only do our Technical Poly Microfiber shirts have moisture wicking properties that allow for a quick dry from sweat and ocean sprays, but they are also vented to keep you cool and comfortable while out on the water. Shop all of our Mojo Gear today to dress like the pros and get ready for your next fishing trip.


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