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Performance Fishing Apparel – Worth Every Cent

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If you fish once or twice a year…stick with your lucky t-shirt. But if you want to be a serious angler, it’s time to invest in some serious performance apparel by Mojo Gear. Some of the best anglers in the world wear Mojo for the same reasons you should: functionality, durability and sharp looks. Mojo Gear keeps you protected from the sun, dry and cool, so you can concentrate on fishing.   

Materials That Keep you Dry and Comfortable

All Mojo Gear utilizes the latest technological advances in fabrics including moisture wicking fishing shirts. The material is designed to absorb your sweat to the outermost layers for easy evaporation. So instead of spending countless hours in the sun wearing a t-shirt drenched in sweat, now you can stay dry, cool, and relatively sweat free without the discomfort of your clothes sticking to your skin. These factors can contribute to a more enjoyable and comfortable experience out on the water.

Sun Protective Fishing Clothes

Aside from the moisture wicking properties, Mojo Gear is designed to protect wearers from excessive exposure to the sun. Sunblock wears off, and shade changes throughout the day, but a vented long sleeve shirt will protect you from harmful UV rays while keeping you cool under the hot sun all day long. Not only does the Technical Poly Microfiber material protect your skin from the sun, but also the colors are fade resistant and won’t be wiped out by the sun.

Quality Watersports Apparel Made to Last

Good quality clothes that are well cared for can last a lifetime, and high-quality fishing apparel is no different. Comprised of a light, flexible but durable material, Mojo Gear Fishing clothes are made for every type of watersport activity. They are made to last and make you look good along the way. 

Performance Fishing Clothes Worn by the Pros

Mojo Gear isn't just another hat or shirt with a logo on it; it’s worn by some of the best anglers in sport fishing. Every product is tested and approved by our staff of pro anglers who battle some of the world’s toughest game fish. Our performance fishing apparel is built and designed to protect wearers from the elements and ensures comfort for a long day out on the water. We aren't talking about just another t-shirt for just another guy; our clothes are made for those who are determined to beat the odds and capture the biggest trophy they can find.

Whether it’s spending the day reeling in the offshore trophies or chasing redfish in a kayak, you will have the peace of mind that you are well equipped for any weather that comes your way. Investing in comfortable, durable, and fashionable performance fishing apparel by Mojo Gear, is the first step in your new life as a hard core angler.   

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